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Pre Owned Instruments


Tværfløjter / Concert Flutes

*** Brannen Cooper Flute,# 8xx, open hole,inline(modified G-can be made original if needed)

........with C & B foot DKK 62.000 ------------See Photos here

***Tamino student flute,closed hole,C foot, e mechanic good cond. DKK 1400,-

*** GUO Solid Silver flute,semi handmade. Open hole,offset G, B foot New old stock DKK 16.500

All Flutes below are in Sweden or can be tested here in DK by appointment or in Sweden

*** Sankyo HMDN pro flute-All solid Silver,Closed Hole, Offset G, E mech.C foot DKK 20.000 SM

NB.Priser er i SEK herunder...Prices in SEK below --from our Swedish shop

*** Muramatsu DS RBEO, öppen mek., E-mek., H-fot, dem.ex. 54.000
*** Pearl PF-665 täckt mek., E-mek., dem.ex. 8.000

*** Brannen-Cooper Flute #194 Open Hole, Inline, B foot, Lafin Liplate with 14K Riser

*** Armstrong Emeritus 21- nr. M 2440, in-line ringklapper, c-fod, semi-håndbygget helt i sølv - også klapper og mekanik. Fotos

*** Gemeinhardt M3S- nr. 624453, solid silver, in-line ringklapper, c-fod, forsølvet mekanik nuværende model S3. Fotos

*** Muramatsu ST model-(old AD model)solid silver body & keys,open hole,offset G,E mechanism,C# trill,C foot New Overhaul- Fotos

Used/Brugt Headjoints

***Sankyo NRS1 0.42 wall thickness .925 silver late 1980's model,one of the 1st NRS1 models made,warm & expressive tone,& enough resitance to create your own sound DKK 7400,- with Bigio Zirconium stopper add 1300,-
***Muramatsu .925 silver DKK 4,000 late 1960's model,warm personal tone ,w/Bigio Zirconium stopper& crown 5,400


***JP 114 Piccolo--kunstoff krop--forsølvet mundstykke--som NY med 1 år garanti 1200,- NyPris var 2400,-

Klarinetter/ Clarinets

***Noblet C klarinet i træ 25år gamle-semipro model--med hovedrep.& 2år garanti.. -Fotos



***JP 045V ALTSAX- Demo model-Vintage finish, soft case , 1år Garanti DKK 3000 ,med Windcraft/Meyer G mpc. 3500,-

***CONN WONDER TENOR SAX Fra1923 #8786x ...Laquer finish,Big Fat Tone!!Very Good Condtion---Fotos BT DKK 12.000

***SELMER MODEL 26 ALTO SAX #588x Very Good condition, Silver plate, A classic from Selmer,easy to play and sings!!! Original case DKK 12.000PB eller offer Fotos

***MARTIN C MELODY TENOR SAX -From ca. 1925 #434xx, Gold laquer-90%, Very Rare model,mint condition, new overhaul,2 yr.Garanti, modern mouthpiece, easy to play in tune -DKK 8000, -mail/ring

***SELMER MKVII TENOR SAX -Fra 1979,Excellent condition-strong player-great for rock.... FOTOS

***P.MAURIAT 66RGTenor Sax fra 2010, played ca. 20 hours, as new condition Fotos

***FRANK HOLTEN TENOR SAX-From ca.1927-30, Laquer, Soldered Tone Holes,mechanics in very good condition,Fotos

***SELMER Balanced Action Alto Excellent conditionOriginal Silver Plate, serial no: 22xxx (1936).
It has had a complete overhaul last month.Deluxe pads with metal resonators, original case.It blows great from top to bottom.

*'*SELMER MK VI TENOR From 1963(109xxx)

***King Super 20 Silversonic alto sax--early model,silver neck only. New Overhaul-Pisoni Pro pads/Gold plated reflectorsFotos

...***CONN NEW WONDER II - Curved Soprano sax,silverplated-gold wash bell,in very good cond.NB Fotos


Overhauls/hovedreparation have a 1year garanti if stated




NS Design WAV El Violin-4 strenge semi-proff instrument-Octave mod.som Ny-DKK 5.500




If you wish to put your instrument up here just mail me & send some pics/video/sound clips& info & garanti if applicable-Open for all in EU& USA--as this is a networking place my commision is up to you or give to an Animal Charity here

Instruments will stay up here for 9 months -after that they will be removed if I hear nothing from the seller..many forget to say if it is no longer available......

Trade also possible as we all try to find the *right* trying to make this side interactive if possible...

Alle instrumenter har garanti hvis stated--hvis du ønsker at sælge dit instrument tager jeg lidt commission -up til dig-eller give some penge til at hjelp dyr

bytte er muligt som vi all kigge efter den'rigtig' en......så hvis du skal bruge den plads send fotos og kort description of dit instrument og lyd/video clip hvis mulig

Efter 9 mnd. vil jeg tå instrument af hvis jeg ikke har kontakt af seller.....

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