Selmer Rf.54 necks as well as Mauriat Jazz necks-fit perfect on this horn....many possibilities as a backup horn

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Reviews of this sax.....

JP 045V Alto Saxophone Eb Vintage Excellent instrument with special vintage finish. Exceptional tonal/dynamic characteristics and build quality. Supplied with backpack style case, user friendly mouthpiece and accessories. High F#. See the outstanding professional assessments.

Neatly packed inside a strong yet slim case lays this little beauty, a paradox with its up-to-the-minute manufacturing technology and old-fashioned looks. It has the same dark colouring as an instrument from the mid-1930's and some deliberately period features, such as engraving around the inside of the bell and an underslung crook reminiscent of the old King Super 20. It thus offers all the advantages of a modern hooter to those who fancy the look of something a little more vintage.

The vintage feel ends, however, with the sound that comes out of the end. This is all modern, crystal clear, bang in tune and terrifyingly easy to play – harmonics fly out with such ease that you'd think there was a small motor in there!

I road tested the instrument in two big bands and a theatre pit in the West End. It did everything required of it so efficiently and beautifully that my fellow saxophone players on the gigs thought I was playing some new "Custom" instrument worth at least ten times the price.

These new Chinese hooters are re-defining how we go to work. Never before has it been possible to play to a full professional level on anything other than a "professional" standard instrument. This is a professional standard instrument. This is an instrument that costs less than its own overhaul. The world's gone mad! When it wears out a bit you could just buy another one. It will blow exactly the same, so you don't even need to try one out. Could it be that the era of the disposable saxophone is upon us?

Out of all the new saxes seemingly erupting out of Taunton these days, it is in my view (and that of my colleagues who have had a blow) the one with the best keywork. It feels as good as a saxophone can possibly get. Not a student saxophone, mind, but any saxophone. How they do this for the money you pay must defy the laws of physics!

Pete Long

Pete Long has had (and is still having!) an illustrious playing career whose credits include Jools Holland R & B Orchestra, Stereophonics, Dizzy Gillespie, BBC Big Band, BBC Concert Orchestra, Chick Corea and Paul McCartney etc. He is still very busy doing sessions and West End work.

The following is an extract from an email …………………..

Hi John,
I've just received the JP 045 Alto and have been putting it through it's paces.
Frankly I'm stunned. It plays better than most saxes that cost ten times as much and outclasses anything else in a similar price range.
I'll shall be using it tonight in "The Drowsy Chaperone" show in the west end.
Tomorrow I'm recording some music for the new Dreamworks film called "Bee Movie" and on Sunday I'm playing in the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium.

I shall be using the JP 045 on each job and am looking forward to it - it's great!
Many thanks for the discount and also the quick delivery.

Best Wishes,

Jamie Talbot

This is from an email the following day……………….

Hi John,
I used the sax in the show last night and it was absolutely fine.
Excellent tuning, good noise and fun to play……………...

Jamie has also had an illustrious career including work with Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams, Jamie Cullum, Amy Winehouse, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Oasis and Dave Brubeck to name just a few!

Dear John Packer, I am tremendously pleased with the 045 Alto I bought from you a few months ago. I've been playing an early Selmer super action 80, for the last fifteen years - Pasadena Roof Orchestra, RNT, RSC, West end, sessions, bar mitzfas weddings and funerals, and am now using the JP
horn. I tried one on a gig I was doing with James Mainwaring , and went home and ordered one the same night. I've been using it ever since and now prefer it to the Selmer. I've got a lovely 1958 Mk 6 tenor but am anxious to compare your horn, these days every time you have to fly with instruments it gets nerve-racking and precarious. Your Tenor will have to be good to rival mine , but if it's anything like the Alto I will be very Happy!

Thank you very much, and look forward to hearing from you soon, All
the Best, Dai Pritchard.

Hi Jon........... the three saxes have arrived and I have been checking them out today. The JP 043 Soprano blows better than a similar Yanagisawa that I was using in London 15 years ago! The JP 045 Alto certainly looks different - latest vintage finish with an octave mechanism reminiscent of the old King super 20 but, unlike the Super 20, this saxophone blows in tune at the top of the range. It's very Mark 6-ish; the top palm notes really vibrate and dare I say it, the middle D is not sharp which was a fault on some Mark 6's - I had a few. Finally, the JP Tenor 042. A big sound, especially at the bottom end. The action is great - light, but accurate,, with the left hand keys activating the bell notes working really well.

Both the Alto and Tenor have great harmonic reproduction and it's the first time that I've had a Soprano with a top G !
All the saxes blow in tune and both keywork and padding are first-class.

Many Thanks


George Watts